Here you will be able to view and save some of my Original Background Sets.

They are Free to use on your Personal Site Only.

If you want to acquire one of my sets for your Business Site you

MUST go to my contact me about creating a site for your Business.


The Graphic Sets on this Page are LINK WARE.

You MUST use the LuvRaqui Inc. logo provided on each page.

You Must link the logo to my website.




You must save the Graphics to your computer and upload them to your server.

You are NOT allowed to link the graphics from my site.  

You are NOT allowed to use any of my Graphics in any graphic archive.

LuvRaqui Inc. keeps all rights to all Graphics.


Click any of the Set Names below to view and acquire the set.

A new browser window will open where you can copy the set.

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Thank you and enjoy LuvRaqui Inc.


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~Angel Sets~


Lilac Angel

Peach Angel

Heart Strung

Trumpet Angel


~Fantasy Sets~


Ice Dreams

Unicorn Lights

Fantasy Ship



~ Birthday Sets~


July Angel

August Angel

September Angel

October Angel



~Multi-Culture Sets~


 Multi - Culture Set 1 ~ Woman Reading

 Multi - Culture Set 2 ~ Native Man

   Multi - Culture Set 3 ~ Blue Woman




~ Floral Sets~


Yellow Rose Basket

 Blue Morning Glory




Sets Made with Images Created by the Artist 


Charles Faris


These sets are not Available for Customizing


Flying Fairy                    Locust Fairy